The Asian Oscars, tradwives, and Korean feministsListen now (61 min) | It’s all too, too much.
Hello! Tonight is the night: We’re holding our first-ever (official) TTSG Movie Night! Below are some details about the viewing and instructions for…
‘100% authentic fake:’ Corky Lee’s Asian America, with Ken ChenListen now (92 min) | On the late photographer’s protest imagery and the meaning and rise of Asian American literature
When the right wing co-opts identity politicsListen now (67 min) | The political disaster, following the ecological one, in East Palestine, Ohio, and Tema Okun’s revision of “White Supremacy…
What can’t A.I. replace, with Ben RechtListen now (80 min) | Jay chats with a machine-learning expert about ChatGPT, Bing A.I., and why it’s okay to be skeptical about so-called artificial…
Another train derails, with freight conductor Nick WurstListen now (66 min) | On train workers' rights and the accident in Ohio that released toxic chemicals into the soil, air, and water
“Tár,” a film for the chattering class, with Vinson CunninghamListen now (81 min) | The critic and friend of the pod joins us to discuss a hot film Jay did not fast-forward through
How many cops is enough?Listen now (64 min) | On the killing of Tyre Nichols and questions of accountability after a decade of reforms
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