GOP cruelty gone wild, a potential train strike, and Jay’s surfing tipsListen now (67 min) | Jay and Tammy on the good, bad, and ugly of this week’s news cycle
BOOK TIME with Lisa Hsiao ChenListen now (69 min) | Bonus ep: A chat on autofiction, Tehching Hsieh, and care work in “Activities of Daily Living”
​​​​Fantasies of progress on K-TV with Jenny Wang MedinaListen now (75 min) | “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” disability rights, and Korean feminism
How we won on student debt, with Ann Larson and Eleni Schirmer of the Debt CollectiveListen now (68 min) | Plus: a tribute to the great Barbara Ehrenreich
Immigration’s “catalyst moments” with Silky ShahListen now (74 min) | This week, we examine the immigrant-rights landscape between news cycles and brainstorm strategies for building power on a local…
Pelosi in Taipei and Twitterstorians with Andy LiuListen now (91 min) | The prodigal host returns to talk about the news—and a ton of sports.
A messy Asian American story with filmmaker Julie HaListen now (72 min) | On “Free Chol Soo Lee,” the histories we learn, and how to build broad-based movements.
“The inherent violence of all of it” with Jia TolentinoListen now (101 min) | We talk abortion, parenting, and paying too much in rent.
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