Racism, speech, and tenure + "we Americans" on ChinaWe talk professors' rights, “disgusting” ideas, and the conundrum of left foreign policy. 
Blaming teachers' unions for CovidOn remote schooling, public-sector panic, and shock-doctrine threats to education
RIP 2021 and "Don't Look Up"We explore writerly legacies and gab about the politics of the hit Netflix apocalypse comedy.
Gary Shteyngart, our country friendWe talk immigrant fiction, "Terrace House," and much more with one of our favorite novelists.
Democrat dilemmas with Brian StrykerDemocrat pollster Brian Stryker on poor showings in November, 'the economy' versus 'social' issues, 'voters of color,' and some scary 2024 thoughts.
Crypto leftism? With Alex RiveraJay and Tammy talk with MacArthur genius and friend-of-pod Alex about blockchains and liberatory futures
'History is not a straight line': on the Chinese Question with Prof. Mae NgaiAndy in conversation with Prof. Mae Ngai, historian at Columbia University, about her new book 'The Chinese Question.'
Nothing to lose but your supply chainsTammy's in Korea quarantine, Enes Kanter is on a crusade, and Tamm writes a new piece on supply chains and transport labor.
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