A Russian doll of cancellations, "Minari," and listener questions


Hello from a Chinese banquet! (If only…)

0:00 - 주먹만한 얼굴” (tiny face obsession)

2:48 – Reply All

We discuss the story buzzing throughout media: the hosts of the Reply All podcast, while reporting on the exploitative labor practices at Bon Appétit, had their own exploitative, anti-union activism exposed last week. What does this say about class versus race politics and the unionization movement in media? Plus, thoughts on the podcast-industry bubble.

(By the way, we are aware of the irony of talking, on a podcast, about another podcast that got canceled after talking about yet another podcast, so don't bother pointing that out!)

38:15 – “Minari”

Writer/director Isaac Chung’s “Minari,” starring Steven Yeun, has just been widely released. Is it a story about successful US assimilation or migrant ambivalence? Is it a universal or specific Asian-American tale? What is the state of Asian-diaspora storytelling in 2021, and when is the Forever 21 saga going to be made into a television movie?

1:01:00 – Three listener questions

  • On ableism in our discussion of Covid-19 and “working women” (from Reena)

  • Mixed feelings about the “decolonizing food” movement (from Jackie)

  • On academics tweeting about political causes (from Jenny)

Thanks for listening!

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