Time To Say Goodbye
Time To Say Goodbye
The kids (and parents) aren’t all right, with Bryce Covert

The kids (and parents) aren’t all right, with Bryce Covert

Why is child care in the U.S. so broken?

Hello from Jay’s flooded basement! (Apologies for our less-than-ideal audio.) 

This week, our guest is Bryce Covert, a writer who covers the culture and work of child care (and its increasingly dire state) in the U.S. Bryce tells Jay and Tammy [14:50] what she’s been hearing from providers as pandemic-stimulus funding dwindles; [27:55] why care workers haven’t been able to win better pay, even in a strong labor market; and [52:25] how private-sector incentives might help—but don’t go nearly far enough. (A lot of our references are to hetero nuclear families, but the pain is universal!)

In this episode, we ask: 

Why do Jay and Bryce have to apply to 94 summer camps to make sure their kids aren’t marooned?

What would an ideal child care system look like? At what age would public care and schooling begin? 

What can we learn from previous U.S. policy and experiments elsewhere?

Why does an adequate child care system feel politically impossible? 

For more, see Bryce’s writing… 

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