Mar 8 • 1HR 32M

‘100% authentic fake:’ Corky Lee’s Asian America, with Ken Chen

On the late photographer’s protest imagery and the meaning and rise of Asian American literature

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Hello from a D.C. hotel! 

This week, our guest is Ken Chen, writer, professor, and former director of the Asian American Writers' Workshop (AAWW). We discuss [6:45] Ken’s recent piece for n+1, about photojournalist and activist Corky Lee and the deep histories of class, race, and violence woven into his work, centered in Manhattan’s Chinatown. [1:03:20] We also chat about writing, publishing, and Asian American literature as a social-realist project. 

In this episode, we ask: 

When does a photo achieve representation?

What if we thought of Corky not as a photojournalist, but as a durational artist? 

Can an identity be created through accumulation and aspiration, even through economic shifts?

Why are there so many books by Asian Americans coming out now, compared to a few decades ago? 

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