Interpreting the Atlanta massacre


Hello at the end of a sleepless week.

In this episode, we analyze the many responses to the murders in Atlanta — in a spirit, of course, of solidarity.

Should the murders be viewed as a white-supremacist hate crime? An occasion for more policing? Or less?

Are we guilty of assimilating the Atlanta shootings to general headlines about anti-Asian racism? Do we risk losing the specificity of class, gender, and the massage industry in particular?

Were the killings rooted in misogyny and fetishization? In histories of empire?

Are there too many historians on twitter? (yes)

And are geopolitical and economic tensions between U.S. and China in the mix? Is this a moment for solidarity between Chinese, Korea, and other Asian diasporas, or a moment of splinter?

Plus: Tammy reflects on a rally in Brooklyn (thanks to the Patreon Discord chatroom).

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