May 3 • 1HR 8M

Karaoke soft power + left media cowardice

Biden pals around with Yoon and a Tucker Carlson take is poorly received

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Time To Say Goodbye
A podcast about Asia, Asian America, and life during the Coronavirus pandemic, featuring Jay Caspian Kang and Tammy Kim.
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Hello from the start of AANHPIXYZ Heritage Month!

It’s just Jay and Tammy this week, going long on two of our favorite topics: U.S.-Korea relations and progressive media. [3:15] First, we address the carefully crafted viral moment from Korean President Yoon’s debut at the White House, and the sanitizing of human rights realities in Asia. [17:30] Next, we discuss the controversy over an article about Tucker Carlson published by the American Prospect—and mea culpa’d by the top editor following online criticism. We touch on [28:10] virtue-signaling disclaimers and [38:55] the tiptoeing endemic to our fractured news industry.  

In this episode, we ask: 

Why did a misogynistic, anti-labor president get such a glowing White House welcome? 

Do we agree with the central argument of the Prospect article: that there is some value to Tucker Carlson types’ espousing of “populist” views on Fox News? 

Is Jay less cancellable because he’s not white? 

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