Time To Say Goodbye
Time To Say Goodbye
Ten long years of socialist politicking, with Kshama Sawant

Ten long years of socialist politicking, with Kshama Sawant

The Seattle City Councilmember talks Dem failings, good reforms, and her new project to boost the working class

Hello from Tammy’s COVID bunker! 

This week, after a short tribute to Montana’s “dean of journalism,” Chuck Johnson, R.I.P., Tammy speaks with Kshama Sawant, the three-term socialist Seattle City Councilmember who recently announced that she will not seek reelection after this year. Instead, she has launched Workers Strike Back, “an independent, rank-and-file campaign” to support organizing nationwide. We discuss [9:42] the Amazonification of Seattle, [31:05] a historic municipal bill banning caste discrimination, and [38:28] critiques of Sawant’s approach to politics and organizing. Plus: Tammy and Kshama debate union strategy.

In this episode, we ask: 

Does socialism provide answers to today’s woes? 

What did the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 reveal about identity politics?  

How might the Dobbs ruling and other failures of Democratic leadership help us envision a new political party? 

What does DSA get right and wrong? 

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