"Mare of Easttown" special impromptu episode!


Andy talks with Vinson Cunningham (New Yorker) and Jane Hu (UC-Berkeley English and Film) about the HBO show Mare of Easttown -- a.k.a. “Murder Durdur” -- which concludes its run this Sunday. We’re hooked, and we can’t figure out why!

*Warning: this episode includes spoilers!* 

  • Why are we all obsessed with this show about “specific whites” in the downwardly-mobile Pennsylvania suburbs?

  • Why the appeal of regional accents?

  • (Philly accent Youtube recs: Tina Fey, James McAvoy, Kate Winslett)

  • Does the show have clear politics? Does it redeem the police?

  • How successfully does it blend multiple genres (cop show, family sitcom, YA romance) into one? 

  • Does the show say something interesting about race and gender?

  • Comparisons to The Wire, Twin Peaks, Law & Order, The Undoing &c.

  • Finally, we reveal who actually killed Erin McMenamin??

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