Hi, this is Jay.

Apologies for the multiple emails today, but I wanted to write to let you know that my book THE LONELIEST AMERICANS is out today. It’s about a lot of what we talk about in the podcast — the 1965 Immigration Act, the building of Flushing, the creation of Korean-American food, and my own family’s journey from North Korea to the United States.

You can purchase the book here. There are Kindle and audiobook formats as well for anyone who doesn’t want a physical copy. But if you buy one and email the show at, I will be forever grateful. Please let me know what you think about it — as with the show, I really want there to be an openness about this book, which I’m sure may foster some disagreements, but which I am happy to hash out in any way you see fit.

Thanks for the support. I appreciate it more than you will ever know!