Apr 26 • 1HR 10M

Wellness frauds and James Harden, with Jennifer Wilson

Plus: Jen’s days moonlighting as a tarot card reader

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Hello from a cruise ship! 

This week, we welcome book critic and Philly basketball devotee Jennifer Wilson back to the show. We discuss [1:00] the epidemic of belligerent airline passengers; [6:25] the surprising (and not so surprising) firings of Tucker Carlson from Fox News and Don Lemon from CNN; [15:10] Jen’s favorite 76er, James Harden, and his ejection for nut-punching; and [27:40] journalist Lauren Oyler’s recent piece on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop cruise and the sexist genre of wellness writing.  

In this episode, we ask: 

Why do so many basketball players punch and kick one another in the crotch? 

Are the Tucker Carlsons and Don Lemons of the world easily replaceable?

What (besides capitalism, duh) makes us so obsessed with wellness? 

How is vulnerability (especially in women) used to sell products, activate people online, and smooth out social relations? 

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