Time To Say Goodbye
Time To Say Goodbye
When the right wing co-opts identity politics

When the right wing co-opts identity politics

The political disaster, following the ecological one, in East Palestine, Ohio, and Tema Okun’s revision of “White Supremacy Culture”

Hello from our normal, boring lives! 

Tammy returns from her reporting trip out West, and Jay is back at work after taking half his parental leave. It’s just us this week, talking through [3:20] the political disaster that has unfolded around the derailment and chemical release in East Palestine, Ohio. Plus, [28:25] a new Intercept interview with D.E.I. consultant Tema Okun, about her viral paper “White Supremacy Culture.”

In this episode, we ask: 

Have we learned anything since the 2016 election about the risk of ignoring working-class communities? 

How should the Democrats have responded to the derailment? 

Why are people so obsessed with the term “white supremacy”? What anxieties does it mask? 

Are diversity trainings really necessary? 

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