Time To Say Goodbye
Time To Say Goodbye
Xinjiang on Clubhouse and listener questions!

Xinjiang on Clubhouse and listener questions!


This week, fabulous guest Darren Byler. Plus, three questions from our very smart listeners.

0:00 – Friend of the show Darren Byler returns (don’t miss his earlier episode, from July, where he discusses his research on Xinjiang with Tammy and Andy) to reflect on what he (and Andy) heard on Mandarin Clubhouse over the weekend. There was a brief burst of discussion among Mandarin speakers of various ethnicities around the world, including many in the PRC, about what’s happening to Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Clubhouse has since been banned in the PRC, but the rooms continue to operate. 

Those interested in Darren’s work should read this recent piece on surveillance capitalism in Xinjiang. Darren had also written about the types of stories told by Han Chinese residents of Xinjiang, which are similar to those that emerged on Clubhouse this weekend. 

39:40 – As promised, we answer listener questions about: 

Anti-Asian violence in the Bay Area (Cathy) +

– Asians and the return-to-school debate (Matteo) + 

– How to push the Biden administration left? (Milos)

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