Sitemap - 2022 - Time To Say Goodbye

Happy holidays! (No ep this week)

The OG podsquad reflects on 2022 (+ bonus banter!)

The OG podsquad reflects on 2022

LIVE with Hua Hsu: Writing in grief’s minor key

A reckoning and sparkle of hope in China, with Ting Guo

See you in NYC on Thursday! (Episode to come)

Is it finally Strikevember?!

Crypto fraudsters with Max Read

Fast fashion and racialized labor with Minh-Ha T. Pham

Mike Davis’s hopeful rage and grief in Itaewon

Listener Qs: Affirmative Action, “Better Call Saul,” & TTSG nostalgia

Climate protests and the curse of the “activist beat,” with Kendra Pierre-Louis

Wars in East Asia and Los Angeles

Grievance politics, why we love “Mo,” and the YYYs’ return

Liberation and elective hijab in Iran, with Kiana Karimi

What Would Gramsci Do (plus NBA drama) with book critic Jennifer Wilson

GOP cruelty gone wild, a potential train strike, and Jay’s surfing tips

BOOK TIME with Lisa Hsiao Chen

​​​​Fantasies of progress on K-TV with Jenny Wang Medina

How we won on student debt, with Ann Larson and Eleni Schirmer of the Debt Collective

Immigration’s “catalyst moments” with Silky Shah

Pelosi in Taipei and Twitterstorians with Andy Liu

A messy Asian American story with filmmaker Julie Ha

“The inherent violence of all of it” with Jia Tolentino

Executions in Myanmar with Ali Fowle

Fake boba, fake pork with Wei Tchou

More Dem failings + a shifting drug culture

Why "social housing" with Paul Williams

The end of the American Century with Danny Bessner

A feminist(?) K-drama about abortion

Inflaaaation, cool unions, and "We Own This City"

Battle hymn of a second-gen tiger + Andy's last ep :(

Uvalde aftermath, police, and guns

Interviewing, Uvalde, and NBA finals with Isaac Chotiner

"Everything Everywhere All At Once" deep dive

American psychos, maternal supply chains, and a new-old leader in the Philippines

Judging the judges on abortion, with Kate Redburn

The Wobblies and the end of Covid?

Our warring cultures + Elon / Shanghai lockdown


A strike against capital at Amazon

Adolph Reed Jr: Jim Crow + race/class debates

SCOTUS cringe and "Turning Red"

TTSG disinformation campaign w/ Max Read

The (queer?) (Asian?) plays of Hansol Jung

Hope in a time of war, with Neta Crawford

Ukraine with Sophie Pinkham

RIP Christina Yuna Lee and Michelle Go + San Francisco school board recall

BOOK TIME with Eugene Lim

Beijing Olympics and Linsanity

'Ascension' and the Chinese Dream, with Jessica Kingdon and Kira Simon-Kennedy

Inflated burritos and SCOTUS race quotas

Racism, speech, and tenure + "we Americans" on China

Blaming teachers' unions for Covid

RIP 2021 and "Don't Look Up"