Sitemap - 2020 - Time To Say Goodbye

Working-class unity with organizer JoAnn Lum; plus, listener Qs on the diversity labyrinth

Scenes from the Culture War: Tommy Craggs

Lux magazine and lockdowns with Sarah Leonard

Filipino nurses and "Better Luck Tomorrow"

The Asian American voter with Professor Taeku Lee

Vaccine apartheid, tankies redux, and the TTSG manifesto

Asians are white again, pandemic rage, what to expect from Biden, and mega free trade

The history of Filipino DJ culture in the Bay Area with Oliver Wang

National *phew* and your letters

The neverending election

The Asian American vote, with Hua Hsu!

What's a Bernie person supposed to do now?: A pre-election special with Brooke Adams and Tobita Chow

Korean wig stores, with Jenny Wang Medina; and Hunger Games in Thailand

Abolishing Silicon Valley: Wendy Liu

SCOTUS trouble, working-class white people, and Taiwan's military

Trump has Covid! Is the virus totally random? And listener questions.

"Itaewon Class" and class politics; and what to make of left-wing utopias

The 1776 Project, TikTok nationalism, and four listener questions

From 9/11 to 45: How Will We Remember Trump, USA?

Race Fakes, Disparity Discourse, and Mulan in Xinjiang

"A world where prisons serve no purpose"

Basketball Revolution? Plus Death and Fear in Kenosha and Portland

'Racial disparity' and 'race vs. class' debates: historian Merlin Chowkwanyun

AOC at the DNC, WeChat, and Right-Wing Asians

A Transcript of Our Interview with Viet Thanh Nguyen

Ethnic Studies, Revolutionary Politics, and the Third World Liberation Front with Viet Thanh Nguyen

Oh, Kamala!: Harris’s Identity in 3 Acts, Affirmative Action, and the Postal Service

"Indian Matchmaking," BAME, and Portland Whiteness with Historian Radhika Natarajan

An Intricate Castle of Good Intentions: ‘Nice White Parents,’ Historians vs. Journalists, and AsAm Christianity

Trump 'bans' TikTok, the NBA Bubble protests, and teaching during COVID-19

Food and Gender on Asian American TikTok, Portland’s White Protests, and Good Identity Politics

Lilith Fair, MOMTIFA, Ross Douthat on white fragility, and Tammy's "Transnationally Asian" article

"What do we really mean when we say ‘Black Lives Matter’?"

Darren Byler on the Uyghur people of Xinjiang, China

Harper's, Boba Bros, Korean Feminism, and the NBA bubble

Trump’s Ban on International Students, Latinx Recognition in Black Lives Matter, and Listener Questions

Immigrant Race Traitors, the International Hotel, and Media Solidarity

Tankies! with Brian Hioe, New Bloom Magazine

BTS Army in Tulsa, Angela Davis in Oakland, and the problem with "diversity and inclusion"

About those "letters to my Asian parents about anti-black racism"

BLM Occupation, Tofu, Asian POCs, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on Black Politicians, and Guest Dae Shik Kim, Jr.

Seattle nostalgia and autonomous zones, the ESPN Bruce Lee documentary, and guest Nikil Saval

Black Protester, White Protester

A cop is still a cop; 'PoC' respectability politics, and how China sees the American Uprising

Tou Thao and the Myths of Asian American Solidarity

Asian Americans and the SAT; Labor Struggles in Hong Kong and China, with guest Jenny Chan

A Transcript of TTSG's Interview with Mike Davis

Mike Davis, the Trucker and Meatcutter Turned Marxist Legend

EPISODE 6: The Worst Representatives of AAPI Heritage Month and Who’s Using the Anti-China Playbook.

TTSG FYI: A Sanity-Saving Korean Plan

EPISODE 5: American contact tracing, Nimby scolding, and guest, Tre Kwon.

EPISODE 4: Rejecting Upwardly Mobile Asian-American Politics, Taiwan and the WHO, and guest Wilfred Chan.

EPISODE 3: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Korean Test-and-Trace

EPISODE 2: African Guangzhou and Coronavoting in Korea

EPISODE 1: Pangolin Panic and Why the West Said "No" to Masks

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