Sitemap - 2021 - Time To Say Goodbye

Gary Shteyngart, our country friend

Democrat dilemmas with Brian Stryker

Crypto leftism? With Alex Rivera

'History is not a straight line': on the Chinese Question with Prof. Mae Ngai

Nothing to lose but your supply chains

"Taiwan?" with New Bloom: Brian Hioe and Wen Liu

Another election, another culture war

Kori Graves on Black Korean adoptees

Ultimate Kangbook episode

Kangbook, "umami," Striketober


"The Loneliest": Jay's book + Kidneygate

"Squid Game:" Some of us are not horses.

Abolish ICE! And keep going. With Silky Shah of Detention Watch Network.

Happy 10th birthday, Occupy Wall Street!

The Great Unvaccinated

Environmental justice, Amazon logistics, and immigrant workers: Andrea Vidaurre

SCOTUS evictions, mixed-race Census, a new silent majority, and the D'Amelios

Gig work, Afghanistan, "The Chair"

Neoliberalism's end + "China": Jake Werner

Live music and a "good hang" with No-No Boy's Julian Saporiti and Emilia Halvorsen

Shooting arrows at an archer + landlord politics

The Young Congee Marx

Haiti and Cuba, COVID Delta, and Listener Qs

What does it mean to organize?

Steel, Care, PMCs: historian Gabe Winant

Sports talk radio: NO-lympics + diversity "pressure" at ESPN

The Fight to End Single Family Zoning and the YIMBY/NIMBY/PHIMBY War with Darrell Owens

Click, buy, suffer? Plus listener questions

Recasting history and sports workers at SCOTUS

[Unlocked] Iyko Day: on Asians as capital

Lab leak theory and "Who Killed Vincent Chin?"

Chelsea Schieder on Comfort Women denialism, the Japanese Right, the Asia-Pacific, and Coed Revolution

6/4 no more? And CRT McCarthyism

Buddhism, writing, and mixed martial arts with Ocean Vuong

"Mare of Easttown" special impromptu episode!

Vinson Cunningham on the NBA, Yang, and IRL theatre

Loving Palestine with Esmat Elhalaby

Sheikh Jarrah and What Feels Different This Time about Israel/Palestine with Josh Leifer of Jewish Currents

India's Second Wave: with Meghna Chaudhuri

"Magic Actions" and "When the Party's Over": the past year in politics

SUBSCRIBER EPISODE: Iyko Day: on Asians as capital

What happened after '92, and "the secret history" of Ethnic Studies with Tamara K. Nopper

Vaccine apartheid part 2 + Asian accent game

Michelle Zauner on Crying in H Mart

DOWN A DARK STAIRWELL - Akai Gurley, Peter Liang, and how communities are built with filmmaker Ursula Liang

Unionizing in an Amazon age

Depoliticization, Identity Politics and Protest with Asad Haider

How not to think like a cop, with Naomi Murakawa


Interpreting the Atlanta massacre


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"I want you to care when people are still alive": Yves Tong Nguyen of Red Canary Song

A very good recovery plan and one year since lockdown

Loving Guam, fighting empire with Julian Aguon

PATRON EPISODE: Essential Work, Mutual Aid, and Nepal with Prarthana Gurung and Luna Ranjit

The real history of "comfort women"

A Russian doll of cancellations, "Minari," and listener questions

TikTok fame, Asian hip-hop, and culture "gentrification" with Jaeki Cho

Working women's rage, more on the street violence in Oakland, and East vs. West Coast Asians

Bonus Episode for Patrons: Anakwa Dwamena on the Black working-class diaspora

Xinjiang on Clubhouse and listener questions!

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Casino capitalism and racialized school reopenings. And the new TTSG Patreon!

Bonus ep: representation politics, at Philly's Asian Arts Initiative with Bakirathi Mani and Anne Ishii

Kimchi nationalism, Biden on immigration and foreign policy, and Desi identities with Rozina Ali

"That identity shit, that’s old news, man": belated Capitol takes + "Chan is Missing" with Hua Hsu

Weekend speculations on the fascism question

Vaxx dreams; American decline vs. Chinese ambition; and 2020 favs