Sitemap - 2023 - Time To Say Goodbye

More labor power—and the Biden of it all

Olivia Rodrigo + Pinay pop, with Karen Tongson

Brb & a zine! 🌳

Testing our politics through K-fine dining and “The Retrievals”

Wake us up when Trump goes to jail, with Vinson Cunningham

Notes from Martha’s Vineyard, North Korea, and K-reality TV

The Maui fires were inevitable, with Kaniela Ing

’90s nostalgia, Ninja Turtles, and a red-baiting revival

Embracing U.F.O.s and rejecting Zionism, with Arielle Angel

Listener Qs: Barbenheimer, hot labor summer, & white-Asian relationships in film

Modi’s India, with Anjali Kamat

Fukushima’s toxic tail and Ramaswamy’s media blitz

K-content spectacular, with Jenny Wang Medina

Seeking clarity in Cali’s homelessness crisis, with Darrell Owens

How NYC delivery workers won a minimum wage, with Ligia Guallpa

Final thoughts on affirmative action

Join us this Saturday, June 10th, for a picnic in Brooklyn!

A.I. scab-bot$, with Max Read

“Succession,” edibles, and immigrant stories, with Hua Hsu

Brb 🇫🇷

America’s war on the poor

Three years of bad takes, with Andy Liu

Karaoke soft power + left media cowardice

Wellness frauds and James Harden, with Jennifer Wilson

What Chicago can teach us, with Alex Han

“The border itself is the crisis,” with Silky Shah

Palo Alto’s ghosts, with Malcolm Harris

The kids (and parents) aren’t all right, with Bryce Covert

Ten long years of socialist politicking, with Kshama Sawant

The Asian Oscars, tradwives, and Korean feminists

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‘100% authentic fake:’ Corky Lee’s Asian America, with Ken Chen

When the right wing co-opts identity politics

What can’t A.I. replace, with Ben Recht

Another train derails, with freight conductor Nick Wurst

“Tár,” a film for the chattering class, with Vinson Cunningham

How many cops is enough?

Monterey Park, Half Moon Bay, and who owns a tragedy

Health is not possible, with Beatrice Adler-Bolton

Capital vs. capital in today’s housing crisis, with Ritti Singh and Navneet Grewal

Jay’s back! + GOP dysfunction and Biden on immigration

On magic and Las Vegas